To Download the Froogle® App, you can visit you App Store on both Android or Apple device! Otherwise use the links below to take you directly to the App Stores.

Available on the App Store

To find Froogle® Deals make sure that you have your location feature turned on in your application on your phone. When you are close to a restaurant, bar, store, venue, etc.. the deal will appear on your phone. Our proprietary software is located at each location triggers the specials that they have going on. You can view the currently and upcoming list of business that is promoting a deal or special HERE or on the Froogle® App.

Once the offer has been redeemed, it will display ‘Coupon Already Redeemed’. To delete the offer from your iPhones, swipe left and hit ’ Delete”. For Androids press and hold the title tab that is above the coupon, and select ‘Delete”.

When you go to a Froogle Friendly Location you will receive a notification that will pop up on your phone for that business. (you have to have bluetooth and location services turned on inorder to get the coupon) When you get that notification, you press ok and it goes directly to the coupon.
The coupons are held in your “click here for coupons” area that is under the “start search” on the homepage. This is where all your coupons will be held for all the Froogle® Friendly Locations you visit.

We don’t need any personal information for you to use Froogle.
We DO NOT sell or give any information out to anyone.
You don’t even have to give us your name.

We need to send you a specific coupon for that Froogle Friendly location and that is how we know what to send you.


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